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R.H. - 5 stars

"Been training with Glenn for a long itme now. I truly believe he is the best Jiu Jitsu instructor in our area. Along with a great atmosphere to train, weather it be for competition, self defense or just a good workout. The prices are extremely reasonable. You're crazy to not take advantage of it!"

D.U. - 5 stars

"Very welcoming to people new to BJJ, and such a fun group of people"

T.M. - 5 stars

"Hands down the best BJJ around! Everyone here is very friendly and motivating to one another.  Also there are no words I can find to describe how Glenn is such an amazing instructor and person. I would recommend 417 BJJ to anyone and everyone."

S.R. - 5 stars

"Awesome group of guys, great teaching, very patient even with guys like me!"

A.S. - 5 stars

"Awesome place to train! Very knowledgeable instructors, super nice people"

I.M. - 5 stars

"First time coming tonight and it all felt good and natural to me! I'm definitely going to start coming regularly! Thanks for having me!

W.E. - 5 stars

"If you have ever thought about learning a martial art, learning to defend yourself, or wanted another fun way to work up a good sweat"

N.F. - 5 stars

"Top notch skilled Jiu Jitsu without egos or agendas. If you come here to learn, you will be glad you did"

C.C. - 5 stars

"Started with Glenn in 2010 and I have to say this is the best technical Jiu Jitsu around!"

1109 E. Commercial St. Springfield, MO | Hours417-880-3558

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