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BOXING: The Sweet Science

The days of going to a martial arts gym with a "survival of the fittest" mentality are over. At 417 BJJ you will learn boxing in a controlled atmosphere alongside others who also want to box. Coach Glenn Cozzens is an AIBA and USA certified boxing coach. He has coached both youth and adults for over 20 years. Over the years, Coach Cozzens has created a positive environment for fighters of all levels and ages to build character, and achieve their personal goals through mental and physical fitness, discipline, and intelligence.

The first and foremost concern of ours, is your safety. No boxer will spar until they have completed our program on how to defend themselves. This creates a much more fair and enjoyable experience when learning to box. When sparing, all boxers wear headgear and mouthpieces to assure maximum safety. 

We have both youth and adults in our programs who train to receive the many benefits of boxing and boxing training. They range from those wanting fitness, to self defense, to even the professional boxers training for their next bouts.


1109 E. Commercial St. Springfield, MO | Hours417-880-3558

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