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The days of going to a martial arts gym with a "survival of the fittest" mentality are over. At 417 BJJ you will learn in a controled atmosphere alongside others who also want to learn Jiu Jitsu. We have instruction for the person wanting or needing self defense as well as the person who wishes to be a high level competitive athlete.


Whatever your need, scroll down to the class that suits you and come over to 417 BJJ where the learning environment is for everyone!

BEGINNER: Those new to BJJ

The Beginner class at 417 BJJ is for those who are brand new to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The beginner does not need to bring a uniform. (called a "gi") A t-shirt or compression shirt along with workout shorts, sweat pants, or yoga pants are sufficient for your first couple of training sessions. Ask about our free gi offer!

In the beginner class, the new student will learn basic positions, terminology and techniques that will earn them time and skills toward their first stripe on their white belt. This student will also learn how training sessions are conducted along with a series of self defense techniques that will be applicable from the moment they learn them. 
WHITE BELT: Those on the path

The White Belt class is designed for those who are on their path towards blue belt. In the white belt class students learn three main concepts:

1. Defense - Staying safe while grappling / fighting 

2. Terminology of techniques, positions. and submissions

3. Game Plan - The fundamental road map of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The White Belt is drivien, through drilling and pressure testing the fundamentals up to 5 times a week towards a mastery level of the white belt curriculum in order to reach the level of blue belt.

BLUE BELT & OVER: Those living the lifestyle in pursuit of Jiu Jitsu mastery

In the blue belt and over class, the practitioners are focused on mastery of fundamentals with the addition of mastery of peripherals, which they add into their systematic training. This drive towards mastery is done by a saturation schedule that allows the intermediate and advanced practitioners to come into the gym and focus on their advancement. 

Exactly like the white belt training, mastery of the system and the peripherals is achieved not only by saturation, but by drilling and pressure testing / sparring.


1109 E. Commercial St. Springfield, MO | Hours417-880-3558

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