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The days of going to a martial arts gym with a "survival of the fittest" mentality are over. At 417 BJJ you will learn in a controlled atmosphere alongside others who also want to learn Jiu Jitsu. We have instruction for the person wanting or needing self defense as well as the person who wishes to be a high level competitive athlete.


417 Wrestling is our youth Folkstyle program designed and focused to make the youth wrestler a successful wrestler in their grade school through high school years. We have the longevity of the youth in mind, including getting them into a college wrestling program following their high school years. 

Through our systematic approach of chain wrestling and high level of fitness conditioning we can make a champion out of any youth that desires to better themselves in the sport of wrestling. 
Olympian, Sam Hazwinkel 
with two of our wrestlers
Olympian and Oklahoma City University Coach, Sam Hazwinkel coaching two of our wrestlers
It is always great to see our youth successful in their training.

1109 E. Commercial St. Springfield, MO | Hours417-880-3558

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